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10 Reasons to Outsource your IT Support

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As technology continues to change the way we work, businesses are under more pressure than ever to support and manage their IT. How can outsourcing your IT support relieve that stress?

Computer Weekly Magazine recently reported that the up take of outsourced IT support services is increasing by circa 5.9% year on year.

Here are the top 10 reasons to outsource your IT support function.

1. Reduction in the cost of staff

This is one of the biggest reasons to outsource your IT Support. An IT Manager has an average annual salary in the region of £50,000 per annum. In addition to that, there’s the cost of the initial recruitment and associated company benefits. Add on on-going training to ensure they have the latest skills required and the costs start to spiral. To find out more about how outsourcing could reduce your costs, please contact us.

2. Shortfall of in-house expertise and technical skills

With rapidly changing technologies and evolving versions of software it often isn’t viable for a single person to know enough.  Even a small team may not have enough exposure to the products to ensure tasks and issues can be completed quickly and effectively.

Whilst most companies have a critical reliance on their IT infrastructures to maintain business continuity, it is simply not a realistic option to have a full time member of staff in house due to the obvious peaks and troughs of the work flow so there isn’t enough work to keep them fully occupied.

For this reason it’s a perfect solution to have an unlimited IT support contract enabling you to call in qualified expertise as and when help is needed as if they were a dedicated member of your team.

3. Add to your in-house capabilities

Some companies prefer to have their own dedicated IT engineer in house. Typically, the company is relying heavily upon that person to ensure the continuity of the IT network. Consideration is rarely given to what would happen if they are already involved in one crisis when another crops up? How does the business manage when they are on holiday or off sick? Or more common for lone in-house IT engineers, what happens when a serious issues arises that they can’t resolve?

Dovetailing the skills of an outsourced IT company to complement the cover provided by an internal engineer can provide the peace of mind that the business can still function regardless of the issue that arise.

4. Skill shortages and recruitment pains

The recruitment of new employees to any business is a time consuming, expensive and challenging process. According to a survey from Deloitte, 62% of UK business executives say that their tech talent pool doesn’t have the capability they need

Without a background in IT, how do you know if any potential candidate has the correct mix of skills? How do you know if they have the right knowledge, particularly when IT skills are in such high demand?

By selecting a credible outsourced IT support partner you can leave the worry to them. They are qualified to make the correct judgments of what skills are required to efficiently manage your IT network.

5. Staff productivity

When looking at reasons to outsource your IT support, this is where you can see some huge improvements for your business. Some companies prefer to keep costs low. They delegate the responsibility of their IT network to one of their staff who have some degree of IT knowledge.

Whilst this sounds attractive, it is worth considering how much time these individuals spend resolving IT issues for the rest of the team. Could their time be better spent on developing your own business? What happens when a major issue occurs that they can’t resolve?

IT outsourcing frees up productivity time. It allows your team to focus on areas that can help your business grow.

6. Employing the latest technology

Technology is improving and transforming at an alarming rate and IT is no exception.  Many companies rely on taking advantage of the latest products and applications to keep one step ahead of the competition.

In order to keep ahead of the game or just to keep up, it’s worth partnering with an IT consultancy company to gain valuable access to a team of specialists who monitor and advice on the benefits of an ever-changing market.

7. Value added services

Your current IT network may be ticking along causing only the occasional problem. But have you considered the range of additional services that could add value to your business?

Mobility is a buzzword in every place of work. Have you considered making your workforce more mobile by providing access to the network from home? Click here to find out more about keeping your network secure when employees are working remotely.

In the event of a disaster at the office, have you a plan in place to ensure the continuity of your business?

Have you considered the benefits of cloud solutions to reduce on-going capital and support costs?

A whole range of affordable solutions are available from an outsourced IT support company that can improve productivity, improve efficiency, reduce costs or reduce risk within your business in times of crisis or on a day to day basis.

Still thinking?

8. Pro-active maintenance over break/ fix maintenance

The chances are that your IT support strategy revolves around a break/ fix set up. Essentially this means that you typically address a problem as it arises. By this time it is likely that your business and the staff’s productivity have been affected to some degree.

Pro-active remote monitoring of your IT network on a 24/7 basis as part of an outsourced IT support contract allows issues and problems to be identified and addressed even before they affect the user reducing the downtime they could experience as a result.

In addition to monitoring the network, all of the software updates and patch installations on all devices are being updated (fully automated to maintain the integrity of your network). Diagnostics can be carried out on your server network to prevent these problems arising in the first place.

9. Risk management

Working in partnership with  IT experts should not only mean that you reduce the number of problems and the affect on your business, but also in the event of a crisis someone else is responsible to get things working correctly and in good time.

With the right agreement in place, this may extend to legal responsibility, which could enable you to seek damages if something goes wrong.

10. Focus on your business

With the current state of the economy it is more important than ever to focus on your business and its clients.

So forget about the worry of your IT network and outsource it to the experts. If you need any more reasons to outsource your IT support, give us a call and we can talk in more detail.

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