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How are you running your back-up for your important documents?

By October 20, 2016 June 29th, 2020 No Comments

How are you running your back-up for your important documents?

This is a question that is usually answered with uncertainty or with an old system that will more than likely cause your business’ files and folders damage or cost it a lot of money.

Because people see it as “just working” and are very reluctant to change their back-ups due to security reasons – this leaves them languished in the past.

So the question is – where would your business be if your server, all of a sudden, wasn’t working?

Whether this be because of a fire, flood, natural cause or simply just stopped operating in the way that it should.

The easy answer is: “We back everything onto a hard drive.”

Great. Well done. Ten points to you.

But what happens if you forget? Or someone hasn’t backed it up because the person who normally does is off sick or on holiday?

Cloud services allow companies of all sizes to use the cloud to increase productivity and reduce costs.

These solutions allow you to access your emails and documents from virtually any mobile device connected to the internet, and also share and edit documents with colleagues in different locations using your own centralised online document store.

There are no hardware or infrastructure costs and set up is fast and easy.

So if, for example, the office burns down, Systems IT could simply take the image from around 20 minutes before anything happened to the server and you could be back online at home or from anywhere else.

You never lose more than a day.

More importantly – servers are expensive pieces of kit.

A cost of £10,000 to your company up front is just the start of getting your business back on track but what would the 10-15 working days that you have lost while it is being delivered worth to you?

Surely, more than £10k.

By simply backing up data in the right way and taking the right provisions to safe-guard the companies, a lot of time and money can be saved.

Allowing cloud access or the simple server back-ups to be managed by an external company, dedicated to your needs, could be more precious than anything else.

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