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Buy cheap – buy twice

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Can everyone remember the days when if you were on the landline your internet would go off?

I certainly can.

I remember the disruptions and arguments any incoming or outgoing call would cause to the internet usage and the fact that it was one or the other made a huge difference in our house.

Could never imagine if the internet was the latest technology in helping companies to stay connected through calls and they would use that connection to have conversations.

As companies move from traditional ISDN based telephone systems to a hosted solution, the internet is becoming more important for companies to have exactly what they need.

By having a hosted telephony system, companies now have a more secure, disaster recoverable and reliable system.

Instead of the brains of the system being stuffed in a cupboard or a make-shift communication room, the server that you would traditionally see is replaced by a data centre.

A connection to a voice only network is crucial.

If you have had calls drop out or disconnect – be bad quality or simply just not work then it could be one of two things.

  • You have a traditional ISDN system and that is not up to scratch now.
  • You have an internet based system that is going over the public internet and being contested by your usage of the internet.

Buy cheap – buy twice

The internet based system, or SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a good way of moving away from the ISDN system that will be redundant in a few years.

However, companies that have gone to this system because the cost seemed to be attractive have had to take the hit of taking the system out and going back to an old system or investing in the hosted solution earlier than a contract would allow.

An example of that would be an engineering firm that Systems IT recently began working with.

After believing that the SIP system would be better because it was £80 cheaper than the hosted solution, they were quickly back on the phone to see what could be done about the system.

After investing heavily in buying new hardware for the system and finding an internet package that suited the company and didn’t break budget, they regretted the decision to not have; inclusive minutes, on-site and remote support and a dedicated voice only circuit.

What is the solution?

Hosted. Simple as that.

The fact that the internet has nothing to do with the phone calls and the voice data is uncontested with the internet data makes a huge difference in quality to the client and user.

Don’t leave anything to chance as if it was a dial up connection or you will find yourself paying more for your important infrastructure.

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