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The last time I went abroad was in February, to Copenhagen, for a relaxing weekend with my partner and our friends – but even at 25-years-old I still have to let my mum know I landed safely.

Luckily, when it comes to calling from abroad, all I need is an internet connection – so even to check in, and stop mother bear quivering in her slippers, is free.

“How? What? Free?” I can hear you asking. Thankfully the days of huge bills on return from a holiday are a thing of the past.

Even though the holiday was supposed to be relaxing and work-free, we know this is never the case.

Business is always happening and the world of telecommunications connects us all around the world.

I was standing in Copenhagen airport when I picked up a few emails that required a call back and talking to clients was easy through the right channels.

So what is the solution?

Call bundles or cheaper calls abroad are always things that are mentioned when it comes to choosing a new phone contract.

Calling friends, family or lovers overseas can cost a fortune – phoning Australia on BT can be up to 90p/min and with Vodafone it’s an eye-watering £1.50/min.

But if you know the right way to call you can pick up the phone for next to nothing, or even for free.

I simply logged into my Horizon application on my smart phone and dialed clients (and mum) as if I was sitting in my office chair in central London.

Nobody knew I was enjoying a Carlsberg.

A hosted solution allows this to happen, as if you’re sitting in the UK, and has allowed business to continue when Directors and Management fancy a trip away.

Through the hosted system, this comes with a user license that gives access to the Horizon app. This links with your contacts and becomes your office phone anywhere you are.

What is on offer?

I called a client from Denmark on my mobile and the number that came up on their end began with 0207 – and it was free.

Through Systems IT, hundreds of users have a call package allowing them 4,000 free minutes to 01,02, 03 and 07 numbers.

With this user license, there is the option to get access to the app allowing you to make calls from your mobile from anywhere to any of those numbers inclusive of you call package – as long as you are connected to the internet.

So whenever you’re abroad and just can’t escape the rush of working life, there is no better solution.

It could also save you a lot in charges for dialing the UK. I just hope my mum doesn’t read this or I am checking in forever.

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