Seven years and counting

One of the most distinctive production companies in UK television keeps using Systems IT


Blast Films


North London


Television Production

The Business

Blast Films is based in Kentish Town, north London and the team of, currently, 120 makes television programmes for audiences in the UK and the United States of America. If you’ve watched The Supervet or Forensics, The Real CSI, you have seen just some of their work.

Office 365
Mimecast enhanced email security
Sophos firewall solution with Intrusion Protection

The Challenge

It’s been seven years since Blast started using Systems IT for both their IT support and telecoms needs, so it is a little hazy as to why. It was probably that their previous provider simply wasn’t delivering, either the quality of support they needed, or being responsive enough.

Since then Blast has also moved offices and, of course, moved to remote working for the lockdown.

Our Solution

Over the last seven years, we have:

  • Upgraded their server network to improve network performance and increase storage capacity. As you can imagine, their data storage requirements are considerable.
  • Migrated the whole team to Office 365, removing the need for an on-site Exchange Server.
  • Improved their IT security through:
    • Adding two-factor authentication.
    • Implementing a Sophos firewall solution with Intrusion Prevention.
    • Enhanced email security with Mimecast.
  • Strengthened with business continuity plans with image-based data recovery.
  • Managed the IT aspect of their office move, including a complete re-wire (CAT5).
  • Supported their move to remote working at the beginning of the first COVID lockdown.

Throughout this time, we have provided a highly responsive IT support service for a team that flexes from 100 – 170 people, depending on their work schedule. We also provide a Gamma Horizon VoIP solution for approximately 60 people, ensuring they can easily communicate from wherever they need to be.

“Systems IT are always at the other end of a phone call or email to help with anything. We would recommend them to anybody that spends endless amounts of time trying to fix technical problems. Especially now with so many people working from home, it’s important to have a team you can rely on to make working remotely just as effective as being in the office."

Lily Harvey, Office Manager

The Result

A very happy, and productive, team safe in the knowledge that they can log any IT support issue, knowing it will be responded to quickly and resolved as soon as possible. As Blast Films’ Office Manager, Lily is happy for any member of the team to contact us directly, knowing that any work that would result in additional costs would not be carried out without her authorisation.

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