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Lifestyle PR Agency asks Systems IT to consolidate their IT and Comms.


Gosh PR


Central London


PR Agency

The Business

Referred by a current client and based in central London, Gosh PR is a lifestyle and travel PR agency of eight people. Established in 2005, they work with airlines, hotel groups and aspirational travel brands

The Challenge

Prior to Systems IT, Gosh PR had no IT support provider and so they muddled their way through with an amalgamation of IT services, including an ageing file server, Google for email and ISDN telephony. As you can imagine, resolving IT issues was difficult as they moved between solution providers to get a solution.

“Systems IT have been our “one-stop shop” to update and streamline our IT and telephone needs.”

Stephen Brown, Director at Gosh PR

Our Solution

Gosh PR was recommended to Systems IT by another of our clients. Their IT solution has been delivered in two parts.

Stage one was to install a new file server with more storage space and to set up hotdesking around the office. They could log on at any PC around the office and their account settings would simply follow them.

Stage two happened, due to team growth, when they moved into Europoint House. Gosh now uses our hosted email and hosted telephony services.

We manage their internet connectivity and a new switch (instead of many smaller ones scattered around the office) has ensured their network issues no longer occur.

The migration took 4 days and Gosh experienced zero downtime during this process. We’ve been able to keep their original numbers, so there is no need to change all their marketing material either.

“They are a great team to work with and we appreciate their prompt response to all our IT needs.”

The Result

A more stable, secure and sustainable IT infrastructure, with capacity for further growth.

All of their technology is provided from under one roof, so getting a resolution to any problem is easy; they just call us. The fact that they are only two doors down the corridor makes life very easy too – for both of us!

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