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How to delete your browsing history

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Choose your browser below and follow the step by step guide for Chrome or Internet Explorer to delete your browsing history.

Google Chrome

1. Open Chrome on your computer.

2. Click More in the top right hand corner (the three buttons).

3. Click History History

delete chrome browsing history

4. On the left hand side, click Clear Browsing Data.

5. From the drop down box, select the Time Range you would like to delete your history from.

6. Tick or untick the box next to each item you would like to delete from your history.

7. Click Clear Data to confirm.

Internet Explorer

1. Open Internet Explorer on your computer.

2. Click Tools in the right hand corner.

3. Click Safety Delete browsing history.

internet explorer delete browsing history

4. Select what history you would like deleted and click Delete to confirm.

delete browsing history internet explorer

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