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The Grim Reaper cometh for ISDN

By April 28, 2016August 30th, 2021No Comments

THE scaremongering began almost immediately after BT announced the end of life for traditional ISDN lines that were originally introduced in 1986.

Providers across the country were calling IT managers and Directors wielding the Grim Reaper’s axe and might as well have turned up to meetings wearing a black cloak all to add more monetary value to their sales orders.

But telecommunication moves quicker than the speed of voice data travelling down a digital line and the fact that these lines will be no more in 2025 means the 39-year stint as the top product on the market is a long time away.

And in truth, nine years is a long time.

But if we look back at how much the industry has changed in nine years and compare it to where we will be, there is a major difference in need for businesses and the general public.

If we revisit 2007, we are looking at fax machines and computers that looked like all the files were literally stored in that enormous CRT model that sat on millions of desks across the country.

Look into 2025 and not only are the ISDN lines coming out but there is already plans being made and technology being commissioned with the drive towards being able to talk to our PC’s.


We all want to be able to save money and if you asked your Director: “What would you like to see more of in the business?” I am sure that their answer would be something along the lines of a simple one word answer.


So how do we save money and make the end of quarter reports look more appealing and impressive to Managing Directors and CEO’s?

Let’s use a recent project of ours as an example:

  • A contact centre with three sites and a total of 250 staff
  • Separate PBX phone system, using ISDN lines, in each site
  • Maintenance contracts for the PBX, line rental and call charges etc.

By moving away from an ISDN-based solution you can:

  • remove the costs of maintenance, line rental and variable call charges
  • reallocate staff whose prime roles are involved with call answering or re-routing
  • remove capital hardware costs and replace with operational subscription costs

This project will deliver savings of over £100,000 in capital expenditure costs!


The advancements in IP telephony have prompted BT into making the move and Gamma is one of the companies really taking advantage of this new technology to steal ahead of BT and others. There are options now available to you. Your options include:

  • SIP trunks to replace your ISDN lines
  • moving to a fully hosted solution, or even
  • doing away with your desk phones altogether.

Being ahead of the game is never more important than in telecommunications so let’s make sure the Grim Reaper of phone calls and telephone lines doesn’t come knocking at the office door.

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