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Hosted Telephony Benefits

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Hosted Telephony, Cloud Telephony and Voice over Internet Protocol (or VoIP for the less technical) are all buzz-words that get thrown around – but who really knows what the benefits are?

If you have an IT guru in the office who knows exactly what they are, ask them what it would do for the company – if not – see below.
Put simply, which we like to do wherever possible, Hosted Telephony is a Telephone System that lives in a Data Centre hosted within the Cloud.

Calls are made as usual via IP handsets and delivered over a data connection back to the telephony server from there it gets routed out as necessary.

Some argue that Hosted Telephone systems are never fully hosted, that some element of circuitry still exists.

From a business perspective however, the main selling point is that there is only the handset hardware to maintain on site or anywhere within your business premises – but don’t worry – we will see to that.

What are the benefits of the hosted system?

  • Disaster Recovery

One of the major advantages of a cloud based system is that it helps with your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning. Hosted makes it simpler to implement a robust plan, as your phone system is obviously off premise, meaning calls can be routed so that operations can continue from another site within a matter of minutes.

  • Scalability

There’s that word again- for those of you serious about success, it’s a word that’s here to stay. Hosted systems integrate both mobile and fixed line services, and can be scaled up and down with ridiculous ease depending on your staff requirements and business strategies. New offices can be connected almost instantaneously to the central system, meaning that growth is not hindered by delayed roll-out dates for new infrastructure.

  • Reporting and call management

Most Hosted solutions allow you to manage and configure your telephone system via a simple web interface, meaning it’s accessible at any time and from any location. There are a wide range of features available to allow you to manage your calls, but also the option to access detailed, granular performance information via real-time statistics add-ons.

  • Control costs more effectively

With most hosted solutions, the capital outlay is removed, meaning that you pay a monthly set cost which is easy to plan for and accommodate in budgets. Additionally, calls are usually free from office to office and maintenance costs on hardware are significantly reduced.

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