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2017 already?

The clichés have all come out now: “Where has the time gone?” “New year, new me.” Everything like that.

But as we move a year closer to BT’s termination of the traditional ISDN phone lines, isn’t it time to start looking at upgrading your infrastructure and improving company efficiency.

Look at the bill you got last month from your supplier and look for three main things:

  • Call charges
  • Maintenance (could be under other charges)
  • Line rental

In an ever changing telecommunications world, it is important to review the outgoings on a regular basis.

New technology and the emergence of Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VOIP as you may know it, has helped to reduce line rental charges as well as in-house call charges.

The blanket cost of phone line charges and calls have been coming down for years but most telecoms companies have not passed these savings on to their customers.

If you haven’t carried out a cost saving audit in the past couple of years you are pretty much guaranteed to be able to reduce the cost of your phone bills.

One example of this was a recent client we worked with, they had the same phone system for the past 21 years and were in no rush to change until they were produced a proposal where a 64% saving was available.

Who would turn this down for the time of a simple, no obligation review?

Other efficiencies

Telephone system maintenance contracts are additional cost that should be revised.

With a VOIP system, there really is no need to maintain anything as a phone system really does just work.

Through Systems IT, we believe that any problems that arise from a telephone system can be fixed remotely or a simple fault with wiring.

The guaranteed voice network that we use through our partners can pledge a quality of service and therefore it could be a case of switch it off and switch it on again.

If it is not the case, we will come and fix it. All part of the deal.

I know – simple.

Old contract prices are usually calculated as a percentage of the retail value of the telephone system hardware, software and handsets, with prices often rising on an annual basis to cover inflation and the increased risk of maintaining ageing equipment.

The cost of purchasing or renting a new telephone system has dropped significantly over the past 10 years, as a result businesses with telephone systems older than five years can make significant savings by replacing or upgrading their old telephone systems.

But wouldn’t your rather an operational expense as opposed to the capital expense a phone system could cause?

What is the solution?

A monthly contract, much like your regular phone contract, based on the amount of users you have in the office could massively reduce the costs.

By consolidating the internet and the phone line into one payment and not having to worry about call costs any more – what is there to worry about?

There is absolutely no money in charging for calls because the rates are so low and therefore having 4,000 minutes for nothing to dial 01, 02, 03 and 07 numbers for each user per month would eliminate those charges.

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