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Is your IT security focusing on the right things?

By February 13, 2023May 10th, 2023No Comments

Security Focused

Securing your business from those who want to steal your data or that of your customers is an absolute priority, but is too much attention being focused on keeping them out?  What happens if they are already in and you don’t know about it?

At home, you will install fences, locks on the windows and doors, and have an alarm to keep people from getting in.  At night, you’ll set the alarm in the parts of the house you don’t go into and your dog will keep an ear out too, just in case the perimeter has been breached.

So why do too many businesses focus on the IT security versions of the fences and locks to protect themselves from cyber criminals?

Which of these are you doing:

  • Investing in security software?
  • Using multi-factor authentication?
  • Training your staff to look out for phishing tricks?
  • Ensuring your backup is working effectively?

If you’re not doing all of these, we definitely need to talk! If you are, great, but what are you doing to detect threats?  Many ransomware threats lay dormant for weeks, if not months, so they avoid the prevention checks and stops your backups being a solution. The numbers around cyber crime are only going up (see some examples here)

Whether you have an internal IT department or you outsource to an IT support provider, you need to remember that criminals are constantly finding ways to evade security. You need to take a rounded approach, with strong prevention AND detection policies providing the best protection against today’s determined criminals.

One final statistic for you to think about.  On average it takes 80 days to recover from a cyber attack. Can you afford to close your business for 80 days whilst you recover?

If you need world-class security, get in touch today.

Published with permission from Your Tech Updates.

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