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Why do you need to reset your password?

By June 29, 2018 April 23rd, 2020 No Comments
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How easy is it for hackers and cyber attackers to get hold of your data?

Passwords are their first way in and if you don’t reset them regularly, you make their life much easier.

Imagine you go four months without resetting your password because you ignored the reminder. You were running late for a meeting and told yourself you’d remember to do it another time. As soon as you came back to your desk, you’d forgotten all about it.

During the last couple of months, a hacker has gained access to your password. Because you haven’t changed it, they’ve been logging in to your account for weeks, tracking and monitoring your communications.

They now have access to your sensitive corporate data and you’ve got a data breach to deal with.

Your computer contains a lot of confidential data and keeping this safe should be your top priority.

As soon as someone has cracked your password, they will have access to all of your sensitive information, so it’s essential that you take precautions to keep your data protected.

How often should I change my password?

It’s recommended you change your password once a month.  It may feel inconvenient, but changing your password this regularly restricts how long hackers can access your accounts.

It’s also important your passwords are strong and secure. To find out more about how to set a strong password please click here.

What can I do to make sure my employees and I don’t forget to change it?

  1. Set up notifications

Set up notifications that remind everyone to reset their passwords on a regular basis.

It’s worth mentioning to your team that they shouldn’t ignore these reminders. If they exit the notification, promising they’ll get around to doing it later, the chances are they will forget.

  1. Create ‘Reset Password’ emails

Create ‘reset password’ emails and prompts to remind employees when it’s time to change theirs. These emails will contain a link to a password reset page.

However, the link will only be valid for a certain time period. Once it expires, a third party will have to reset it for you.

This leads to you being locked out of your account, waiting hours for your IT support to get you back in. Not only does it waste your time, it affects your business continuity.

So, it’s important not to ignore any reminders or prompts. Resetting your password only takes a couple of minutes so listen to notifications and do it there and then.

How do I reset my password?

Whether you’re looking to reset your password on Windows 10 or Remote Desktop, it’s simple enough to do.

To reset your password on Windows 10 when connected to a Domain (Server), follow the steps below:


2. Click Change a password

3. Enter the old password

4.  Type the new password

5. Re-enter your new password

To reset your password on a Remote Desktop, follow the steps below:

1. Hold down CTRL+ALT+END.

2. Click on change a password.

3. Enter your old password.

4. Type the new password.

5. Re-enter your new password

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