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New Phones For Christmas

By December 21, 2016 July 10th, 2020 No Comments

As 2016 comes to an end, many companies are concentrating on Christmas parties and New Year plans and leaving all review of infrastructure until 2017.

Business managers and directors are paying out a lot with end of year celebrations to treat staff for their hard work throughout the year, making money and making sure the business works and continues to grow.

So why not treat your business? Buy it a late Christmas present.

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A virtual phone system, or cloud telephone system is becoming the go-to option in a bid to counter the BT business, ISDN, and analogue switch off.

Hosted phone systems negate the need for line rental as your business will pay for the line and the handset rather than paying for phone lines. A virtual phone system allows your business to save costs on maintenance, as there is no need for expensive hardware to be maintained.

Some may argue that Hosted Telephone systems are never fully hosted, that some element of circuitry still exists. From a business perspective however, the main selling point is that there is no hardware to maintain on site or anywhere within your business premises.

This is great news for businesses looking to adopt a new telephone system who might not have the PBX hardware in place already.

With such fast initial setup and ease of deployment through our team of engineers at Systems IT, virtual phone systems are becoming the go to cost effective solution for small businesses, with flexible contract periods and an easy to manage budget for solutions that are based on a per seat basis.

Virtual telephone systems can be a very good solution for businesses who have limited capital spend.

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Like most emerging trends, response to Hosted Telephony and to Cloud in general have been mixed amongst the business world. Some view the shift to off-premise solutions as a natural progression for a growing enterprise, as Hosted is quick to roll out, extremely cost friendly, and eminently scalable – all major plus points for companies with determined growth targets in mind.
Others have concerns about retaining control over their telephony, and many have voiced fears about the security risks associated with Hosted- more on this later.

These responses have been reflected in the actual adoption rates, which have also been varied.

According to research by Six Degrees, back in 2014, although 52 per cent of respondents to a survey admitted to having Cloud for things like IT hosting, less than half of those respondents had thought about shifting their telephony to the cloud.

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