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Why Office Managers are our Best Friends

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As soon as something goes wrong in the office, who do people go to? The Office Manager.

An office manager is constantly on the go. They’re the core of an organisation, holding departments, offices and staff together. They ensure an office runs smoothly, and a huge part of that is through Telecoms and IT.

That is why Office Managers are our best friends. Whenever someone enquires about our services, it is almost always Office Managers. They know everything that happens in the office through and through, this also means they must deal with staff members coming to them left, right and centre with an assortment of technical difficulties… this is one of their most laborious tasks.

Already juggling jobs, when office managers must deal with these issues, their more important tasks can fall through. That’s why we are their first point of call, offering expert IT and Telecoms support to keep their business running smoothly and efficiently.

Here are 6 reasons why Office Managers are our best friends:

  • Office Managers are the people who contact us first (prospective and current clients) to enquire about IT support. They reach out to us, meaning they know exactly what issues they have with IT and that they need them resolved quickly.


  • An office manager is the core of the office, the linchpin that holds it together. They are our best friend because that type of insider knowledge helps us do our job justice, for any question about the intricacies of an office they have the answer. They know when something isn’t working, who experiences more issues and communicates directly across the office.


  • When we make decisions about the right solution recommendations for our clients, the Office Manager is pivotal due to their contact with the Director. They know where the company is at with technology and their budget – giving us a rounded impression of situations and helping us make the best decision for the client.


  • As is common with IT issues, once it happens to one person, it happens to another. Office managers help us out immensely by filtering calls – making sure we only get one call from their team instead of many. This helps us do our work more efficiently.


  • After lots of experience with IT issues, office managers have a good understanding of IT. This means they often resolve IT support issues before we get to them. So, as well as us helping them deal with issues, they help us deal with issues. For example, if someone is having an issue with the Internet. Rather than ringing us up straightaway, office managers know that in cases like this the basics can work. In the words of Moss (IT Crowd) … ‘turning it off and on again’ often does the trick. Most people never turn off their laptop and keep it on sleep, restarting your system often revives your laptop and fixes minor issues.

For some company’s IT failures can bring drastic consequences, office managers are a top client since because they’ve contracted us, they trust in our service and are ready to communicate as much as possible to fix their issue.

McQueen Limited was an independent corporate finance advisor who require constant access to data. Their current plan lacked a robust disaster recovery plan and they’d lost confidence in their IT support supplier’s ability to keep up to date with their growth; they turned to us to see how we could help.

We designed an onsite redundant server solution that allowed auto failover of the primary server to the redundant server in the event of a hardware server failure. It included a highly robust offsite disaster recovery plan providing back up of both server images and data every 20 minutes onsite with a consolidated daily change offsite each night. Liaising with the Operational manager, we were able to deliver a system that directly resolved their issues. Follow this link to read more about this case study.

Together with Office Managers, we make a great pair. They are the linchpin for their own company, but they also assist us in our work. Their knowledge, experience and position in the company means we can keep up to date on the ins and outs of our clients. We help them by providing unique and effective IT and Telecom solutions, while they help us by being present and conscientious.

If you would like to know more about our services, please contact us here.

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