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Prove you trust your Office Manager

By September 22, 2017August 30th, 2021No Comments
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Your Office Manager is pivotal to the effective performance of your business.

You expect your Office Manager to deal with many different tasks, most of which are ones you don’t want to do.
At the point your IT support provider makes another mistake or just cannot fix an issue that has been dragging on, who do you ask to look for another provider?  Your Office Manager! After all,  this is the person whose been dealing with them on a daily basis; the one who has to face the rest of your team and tell them things still aren’t working properly.

So they do their research and come back with a shortlist; a mixture of PAYG support and retainer-based.

The chances are that the retainer-based solution is a little more expensive, but let’s look at things a little closer.

  • Retainer-based are a fixed monthly cost, whereas PAYG is billed on an hourly basis, either in advance or in arrears.
  • PAYG want you to have as many issues as possible, so they make more money. Retainer-based IT support providers want you to have as few problems as possible. That’s how they make their money.
  • Retainer-based IT support will be proactive. They want to ensure problems don’t materialise.

Why monthly support models are priced higher

When your Office Manager gives you a set of proposals, but recommends the higher-priced retainer-based one, there will be several reasons:

  • It is aimed at reducing the number of IT issues you have, keeping your team more productive (and profitable) and keeping her sanity levels at acceptable levels.
  • It will allow your team to contact the IT support company directly and not have to channel all IT issues through her.
  • It is a value-based proposal rather than an up-front cost proposal. You will get better value.

You ask your Office Manager to do many things so he/she needs to be as efficient as possible.  By choosing a retainer-based proposal, they are doing just that: being productive.

The value you get back in terms of productivity will far outweigh any minor price differential, so show you trust your Office Manager and don’t go simply by the headline price.

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