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Business Continuity

Equipment failure, fire, flood or an office break in. You need to be prepared.

Business Continuity

There are many things that can impact your ability to work effectively as a business:

  • Internet connection failure
  • Train strikes
  • Snow
  • Fire/flood/terrorist activity
  • Server failure

Is your business prepared for all of these?

Systems IT will get you ready!

“The move to the Cloud has paid off!”

Steve MartinFinance Director, Elysian Capital

How will you work?

If something does happen, is your business able to continue working? If not, you risk upsetting your clients and your business performance is negatively impacted. Neither are good.

At Systems IT, we work with you to identify all the likely impacts on your business and develop a business continuity plan to minimise the impact.

If something does then happen, we then get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Our three step solution

At Systems IT, we have a three-step approach to business continuity

  • Ensure your data is backed up and located in an alternative, secure, location.
  • Maximise the number of ways your team can work effectively.
  • Educate your team on what they should do in the event of…

By working on these three key areas, we minimise the impact on your business when something does happen. After all, having a prepared and effective business continuity plan that delivers on your needs is far better than having to implement disaster recovery plans.

If your IT isn't working as well as you want it to, let's talk.

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