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Cloud Solutions

Flexible working and cost control delivered for your business

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Business Continuity

Why restrict your business with a local infrastructure?


There are times when you need a server network on the premises, but as technology advances, the reasons for a local infrastructure become fewer and fewer. The benefits from Cloud solutions become ever more compelling.

Using the Cloud as a delivery vehicle for your company’s IT delivers a range of real benefits for your business:

Business Continuity

“The team at Systems IT helped Elysian Capital successfully navigate the challenges of combining an IT upgrade with an office move, Everyone in the business is pleased with the new office and our more flexible cloud based IT infrastructure. The whole team at Systems IT are very service focused and work hard to provide the best solution for their client at a competitive price.”

Steve Martin, Elysian Capital LLP

The Advantages of Cloud

  • Flexibility to work from wherever, and whenever you want to, improving productivity, efficiency and team well-being.
  • Reducing the need for significant capital investment, in IT infrastructure, in hardware and even offices, allowing more investment into the business.
  • The ability to expand and contract your IT resources, subject to the needs of the business, meaning better use of capital resources and enabling the business to respond to client demand.
  • Increased ability to collaborate, across internal teams, with your clients and with third parties, further improving productivity and increasing efficiency.
  • Improved business continuity and disaster recovery, protecting your business if something happens.
  • Reduced carbon footprint and running costs.

How can Systems IT help your business?

Depending upon your needs and preferences, Systems IT can provide a full range of Cloud-based services, from simply providing Office365 and VoIP telecoms solutions, to delivering your application suite to users around the world via a Microsoft Azure-based Cloud platform.

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