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Being able to work from anywhere is vital in today’s business world.
We make that happen for you!

Business Continuity

Work anywhere

To serve your customers brilliantly, you have to be always available. You want to:

  • Take, and receive, calls whenever, and wherever, you are working.
  • Use whatever device is best at that time, whether it’s your desk phone, your mobile or a softphone on your laptop.
  • Be sure you are only paying for what you need to.
  • Know your business telecoms provision can be flexed to meet your business needs.
  • Be sure your telecoms support provider delivers the support you need.
member of your team working on their laptop mobile security

“Always receive a very prompt reply and always feel as though we can for any support and you will always give us your undivided attention to ensure we receive the outcome we need. Thank you.”

Dean Connor, Mylocum Limited

The Gamma solution

As a Gamma Partner, we will deliver on all of the above and more. Whether you are still currently using an ISDN-based solution or already using the Cloud, we can give you exactly the right telecoms solution to meet the needs of your business, both now and into the future.

  • Voice – hosted landline solutions, including Horizon Collaborate
  • Mobile – mobile solutions that can integrate with your landlines, using Horizon Connect
  • Data – high speed IP connectivity services to meet ever-expanding bandwidth needs

Easy process

The process is completely pain-free for you:

  • We listen to what you are looking for and look at your current telecoms solution.
  • Our engineers design what we believe is the best solution to deliver on your needs.
  • We answer all of your questions, ensuring you are 100% happy with the solution, editing it as needed.
  • We deliver that telecoms solution, ensuring your team know exactly how to make the best use of it to maximise flexibility and effectiveness.

All of our telecoms solutions include single billing, complete support from a UK-based team and scalability to support your future growth.

If your IT isn't working as well as you want it to, let's talk.

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