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The Shield for Small Businesses: Microsoft Intune

By July 3, 2023No Comments

In the ever-expanding digital landscape small businesses face an increasingly complex challenge: protecting their valuable data from cybersecurity threats.  Often with limited IT resources, and minimal technical expertise, finding a comprehensive security solution can seem like an insurmountable task.

This article looks at a solution that we believe you should seriously consider: Microsoft InTune.

Microsoft Intune offers a game-changing solution that not only shields small businesses from security issues but does so in such a user-friendly and straightforward manner.

The Guardian Angel of Small Businesses

Imagine Microsoft Intune as a guardian angel watching over your small business. Intune ensures that all your devices and data remain safe and secure. So just as a guardian angel protects and guides, Intune acts as a reliable security solution, offering peace of mind to small businesses that lack that IT expertise.

Keeping your mobile devices safe and secure

In a post-Covid world, many of the devices on your network are rarely actually in the office (if you still have an office). Mobile Device Management, or MDM, is like having a smart and vigilant assistant overseeing your devices. It allows you to:

  • Manage and control the smartphones, tablets, and other devices used by your team (both corporate and BYOD).
  • Enforce security policies on all devices,
  • Manage applications, and
  • Protect your company data.

It also allows you, if you are happy to, give your employees the flexibility to use the company asset for personal use.  John in Accounts can still watch Netflix (outside company time of course). Think of MDM as a walled garden fully encrypting your company data and keeping safe corporate email and the data that is within.

Streamlined Security Made Simple

For small business owners with limited IT knowledge, the thought of managing security protocols can be overwhelming (let’s face it, you have better things to learn right?). Microsoft Intune simplifies this process, acting as a digital security guard that ensures your devices adhere to security policies without any technical hassle. It’s like having a personal security expert on your team, working tirelessly to safeguard your business.

Locking the Door to Cyber Threats

Cyber threats are akin to nasty and nefarious intruders attempting to break into your business premises.  Getting a jemmy out and prising the door open is still a thing.  Mind you if you walk down a London street, your picture is bound to be taken somewhere.  Just as you would lock the doors and windows and stick-up shutters to keep burglars out, Intune acts as a virtual lock, preventing unauthorised access to your devices and sensitive information. With Intune, you have the power to enforce passcodes, encrypt data, and even remotely wipe devices in case of loss or theft.

Unique to you Security Policies

Not all businesses have the same security needs; we get it. Intune also recognises this and offers customisable security policies that align with your unique requirements. It’s like tailoring a suit to fit your body perfectly. You can define policies based on user roles, device types, and more. Intune empowers you to create a security framework that suits your small business like a glove you don’t need to revisit every month.

Staying Compliant and Protected

Adhering to data protection regulations can be complex, especially for small businesses with limited resources. Intune simplifies compliance by offering built-in tools and features that help you meet regulatory requirements. It’s like having Harvey Specter by your side, guiding you through the intricacies of data protection and ensuring that your business remains compliant with applicable laws.

Affordability Without Compromise

Originally developed for large corporates, InTune has been adapted by Microsoft to give small businesses the security they need and demand in a cost-effective model that allows you to choose your preferred level of protection.

Integrating Seamlessly with Microsoft Services

Intune seamlessly integrates with Office 365, Azure and other Microsoft products, enhancing productivity and collaboration. Intune extends its security umbrella across the Microsoft ecosystem, ensuring a cohesive and protected environment for your small business.


In the realm of small businesses, where IT knowledge may be limited, Microsoft Intune is a powerful and user-friendly security solution. With its simplified approach to Mobile Device Management (MDM), Intune provides you with guardian angel-like protection. By streamlining security, simplifying device management, and seamlessly integrating with Microsoft services, Intune empowers small businesses to protect their data and operations without compromising their limited resources.

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