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Weather or not you can work?

By June 30, 2016 December 19th, 2019 No Comments

Is the wet weather impacting your ability to help your clients?

Hurricanes, floods, and other acts of nature can inflict severe damage on a businesses, wrecking equipment, ruining office space, and displacing staff. Last Wednesday, London saw an example of unexpected wet weather which played havoc with the surrounding buildings. We saw clogged gutters forcing water into buildings, water rising through the floors of basement offices, and tube stations being closed, many homes and businesses suffered because of it.

We all know how bad the weather can be in the UK – I mean we are always whinging on about it- and when your office is flooded and building managers want to get a quick fix, it often results in large, noisy machinery in the office, either pumping water or circulating air to dry things out. That can leave you nowhere to work when you are dealing with clients and trying to solve problems.

Systems IT was one of those businesses last week! We came into our office on Thursday morning to find a lot of water! As we are a basement office, our floors and equipment were soaked through.

Thankfully, at Systems IT, we practice what we preach. Therefore, within a few minutes, we were packed up and out the office into another water-free zone where we carried on our day’s work as if the sun was shining constantly. Our employees managed to work from client sites or at home, and our sales team even worked in Costa just round the corner from our office building!

  • Cloud-based IT meant we can get our data and our helpdesk systems and continue supporting our clients
  • Cloud-based telephony meant we could talk to our clients, our prospects and, indeed, each other

I’m not sure any of our clients noticed any difference – and that’s the point!

Were you able to work?

Click here if you struggled last week

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