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What’s using up your mobile data?

By February 16, 2018 July 19th, 2019 No Comments
mobile data use

The way we use our mobiles is changing. Gone are the days of conventional calling.

Over the recent years, the launch of free instant messaging apps has meant that making calls has become less popular and instead, we’re using our mobiles for a range of other activities.

Take a look at what activities are driving our mobile data consumption.


Next time you’re on the train or bus, take a look around. You’ll see most people are looking down at their phones.

Whether we’re waiting for someone or travelling, the first thing many of us seem to do is scroll through our phones. We may be internet shopping, browsing social media or even playing a game. All of these apps will be using up a lot of data.

There’s an app for almost everything nowadays and apps for work have become extremely popular. Apps such as Office365, Mailchimp, Hootsuite and many others, are an important part of our working lives. It means a team can access what they need, even when they’re out of the office.

Even though Wi-Fi in public spaces is improving, the connection is often very slow and unreliable. This leads most of us to use our mobile data to access these apps, without even thinking about the amount of data they’re using.


Being able to access so many films and tv shows all in one place has made streaming sites extremely popular. Watching a film or show on sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video is a great way to pass the time when commuting or travelling long distances.

Music steaming is also a major data consumer. With sites such as Spotify and Apple Music, we have thousands of songs at our fingertips.

Scrolling through social media channels also drives data consumption as we watch the latest videos and flick through the latest posts.

Poor Telecoms Infrastructure

The UK’s telecoms infrastructure has not been able to keep up with the fast-paced advances in technology that are happening worldwide. We were only 54th in the world for 4G coverage last year.

2018 promises faster connections with the introduction of 5G data coverage. This should mean our data is delivered 60 times faster than a 4G connection would allow. It’s thought that this may drive data usage back up, especially if public Wi-fi connections don’t improve.

But if 5G is going to live up to expectations, the UK needs to have the right infrastructure, so whether it will really drive data usage this year is still in question.


Poor public Wi-fi connections often lead us to create a mobile hotspot, using our phone or laptop, in order to access a faster 4G connection. But we don’t often think about the amount of data this is using. It may seem like a quick solution, but make sure you’re aware of how much data your hotspot is really consuming.

What can you do to keep a check on your data usage?

If you want to keep a closer eye on how much data you are using, check the amount of data you are paying for each month.

It may be that you are using more data than your allowance, or you may be paying for more data than you need to.

By connecting to Wi-fi whenever you can, you can keep the amount of data you are using to a minimum.


If you have any questions about your mobile data consumption or need help with your IT support and security, please get in touch. 

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