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Why you should have Cyber Essentials 

By April 13, 2021No Comments
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In a digital world where you are connected, almost, 24/7, you need to be confident that your business is secure. You need to be protected from cyber-attacks. The Cyber Essentials certification will help you achieve this.

Not just for you.

Cyber Essentials isn’t just about giving you peace of mind. It will help two other key groups too:

  1. Making sure your customers are confident that you’re protecting your business from cyber attacks, especially if you are managing sensitive information or data for them.  They are expecting new suppliers to be secure.
  2. Your staff will want to know that they are working in a cyber-secure environment.

Why you should get Cyber Essentials

Cyber-attacks hurt your business in three ways:


If a cyber attack on your business is successful, you will spend a lot of time either not being able to work, finding out what has happened and then fixing both the damage done and then shoring up your cyber protection. Serving your customers (generating revenue) or working on your business is a better way to spend your time.


The costs can be both direct and indirect. The clearly obvious costs are connected to ransomware attacks, where the criminals are demanding payment to release your data. The less obvious costs are the costs of the time described above and the lost revenues you could have been generating.


Arguably the most impactful cost on your business. You don’t want current, or future, customers believing that you aren’t protecting your network – and their data.

Two levels of Cyber Essentials

There are two levels of Cyber Essentials:

Cyber Essentials

Self assessment, followed by you providing proof that you have the protection in place. This will also gives you a listing on the government’s list of certified companies. You can find more information here.

Cyber Essentials Plus

All of the above, plus testing of your protection, ensuring you have adequate defences. You can see more information here.

Next Steps

If you wish to do the self-assessment level, simply click on the link above. Alternatively, we can manage the process for you, including running tests to identify shortfalls or holes in your security. We are happy to advise on Cyber Essentials for you. If you would like to check our status, you can simply click here

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