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What we think of Windows 10

By October 19, 2015 July 10th, 2020 No Comments

I am sure you’ve seen the adverts and the media coverage around Windows 10. Apparently it will be the last version of Windows so it will be interesting to find out where Microsoft goes from here. Two questions that I am sure spring to mind at this point:

  • What happened to Windows 9?
  • Is it any good?

There are those who say that Windows 8 is a horrible desktop operating system (we quite like it!) and by missing out Windows 9, they are distancing themselves from 8. Not so sure on the logic but perhaps the number 8 will be removed from Microsoft terminology. Do you remember what came before Windows 7 and is forever more referred to as “the previous operating system” by anyone in Thames Valley Park or in Redmond?

As to whether it is any good, only time will tell. Here are a few of the features we like:

Action Center(forgive the American spelling)

Sitting on the right hand side, it keeps you up to date on what is happening and provides a series of shortcuts. Perhaps you need to make notes, so there is a button to instantly open OneNote. You can connect Bluetooth devices quickly and easily and, perhaps the best one, a Quiet Hours button for when you don’t want to be disturbed.

File Explorer

Not a new feature but there has been a number of changes to the layout to make it more user friendly: Frequent Folders and Recent Files, for instance. Some of the icons have changed as well, so keep your eye out for that.

Task View

How many of you knew that Alt+Tab allowed you to cycle through all your open applications? It’s something that’s been around since forever. On Windows 10, it is Windows+Tab, but there is another function there that is new: Multiple Desktops.

Multiple Desktops allows you to separate out, for example, for email, your CRM work and your online work without being distracted.


Of course, no review of Windows 10 would be complete without her name coming up. Initial experiences haven’t been great but I am sure she’ll learn my eccentricities and become more useful.

There is a lot that is different from Windows 8 and I am sure you have received endless communications from Microsoft, or indeed your Windows 8 OS, asking if you want the free upgrade. Microsoft has put a lot of effort into the previous systems and applications that work well with Windows 7 & 8. If you are interested in upgrading to Windows 10, then contact us and we can discuss this is more detail.

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