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Winter is Coming!

By October 13, 2016 July 10th, 2020 No Comments

Can your team work remotely so you’re not impacted?

When it comes to the weather, we don’t really have much luck in this country.

So does our business have to stop because things out of our control do their best to disrupt days?

Every time someone says: “I can work from home,” do you wish you could do the same?

No trailing into the office in downpours or out in the extremely cold mornings before getting on that train where everyone is passing on a cold or infection.

So what can the answer be?

Sir Richard Branson is a huge believer in allowing people to work from home and giving employees the flexibility to do so has delivered success in his companies – for him, I suppose, it is a little better from his luxury private island – but you get my point.

Winter is coming and therefore the problems will start and the morning phone call, text message or email will be sent to Directors with the apology for being late or you won’t be able to get in at all.

A cloud solution could get around this completely.

The ability to work from home and take your desktop wherever you may be is something that would be beneficial no matter what the weather.

According to the 2016 State of the Cloud report: this year’s growth for businesses planning to adopt to a cloud setting are trending upward with 29 percent of all SMBs by 2017 and by 51 percent by 2020.

So it looks like your competitors could be making the move as well – do you want to be caught behind?

A private Cloud solution delivers all the security, and more, you would get from a server network in your office, but with all the flexibility you are looking for:

  • Work from anywhere and on whatever device they wish to
  • Add and remove virtual servers for applications as needed
  • Collaborate with colleagues around the country, or around the world
  • Scale your network up and down as your business changes

Imagine your business with a fully-redundant and flexible IT network with no worries about backup, storage and recovery.

Imagine your teams being able to work when and where they need to but with no concerns about your network security being breached. That’s what a Systems IT private Cloud will provide for your business.

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